Street Photography in Seoul

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Street Photography in Seoul

So I never tried this before, but figured while I was doing some souvenir shopping I might as well get myself a gift and try and get some good pictures.

Looking for some honest feedback here... suggestions on cropping or what images are good, which are bad.  Hopefully there ARE good ones here.  I spent most of my time shopping so only grabbed shots when I spotted one.  Might go out sometime and just spend a day shooting pictures.

Most were taken with the 60mm Macro so I had to frame shots with my feet.  Certainly makes for a more challenging process than just zooming from telephoto to wide at will.

Everyone seems to smoke here, so I got a few shots like this.  I love the look of fire and smoke so this one appealed to me.

Another smoker, but blue instead of white collar.

I wanted to zoom in on his face for the reflections in his glasses but thought it was framed better like this.  You can view at 100% to see it anyway.

There are a million pictures like this, but this one is mine so it's special.

I don't like the hat on the right side.  This is a crop, maybe I'd be better off showing the guy next to him too bit he had awkward objects in the frame too.

Kind of has a ninja-like look going on here.

And that's all of them.  All the ones worth uploading anyway, lots more to stuff away in my junk drawer.

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