Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

Leandros S wrote:


I think that's the main problem with the idea of Pentax FF at Fotokina this year - if it were coming, it would be leaked or at least rumoured by now. The only straw for believers is that the density of this rumour in previous years may mean that people are so determined not to be hoodwinked this time that they miss the real thing. Fat chance imo, seeing how long this "game" has been working for and how many sites out there are ready to spin any herring bone into a yarn.

Then again, Apple seems to have occasionally managed to keep big projects under wraps. Maybe Ricoh know how to do this.

The K3 had some sort of build up, well Pentax style, nodding and grinning at interviews for six months. The 645Z had quite a moderate build up and that proved successful for them with a lot of industry interest and a whole load of pre-orders for a well deserved MF camera.

With product life being shorter than ever now, the hype is part of the product lifespan of keep it dangling in the public eye for a long as possible. Coming soon, shipping dates, hands on tests, full tests etc. Facebook is also playing it's part now.

If Pentax was to launch a FF to me it would be foolish to bring it to market without a plethora of pre-launch fireworks, flag waving, dancing girls and the like. I've seen none of that on facebook!

So if they are relying on sales representatives winking and smiling while walking out of camera stores as their pre-launch advertising tactics they ought to find a new marketing manager!

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