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Re: A phone could take that picture.

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I am one, and I never buy any camera over $200 these days, so all the reviews on this site are completely useless to me.


The last 3 cameras I bought had all cost about 250 Euros each.

These are a DSLR, a high-end compact and a mirrorless camera. All new.

Wanna get a good $200-$300 camera, look for reviews of $600-$800 cameras from 2-3 years ago.

You'll get much better value than a latest $200 camera, all of which are guaranteed to suck badly. Yes, so badly they're not even worth reviewing. Seriously.

You mean suck like this $AU169 camera OOC shot?

Crayfish Traps


Lots o light, motionless subject. Any phone could take this snapshot.

I have never seen a phone with such heavy distortion, so I would say a phone would do it better IMHO.

But why spend 169au for junk. A D200 could do a much better job and be able to shoot fast moving objects with good af with lens for double the price, why waste your money.

I must admit I am not attuned to seeing distorion, unless there are very obvious straight lines involved.  The camera does have some barrel distortion especially at 24mm which can be corrected quite easily in PP, but I can't see anything wrong in that image that troubles me, so what would be the point of correcting it.


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