Lightroom 5.5 and GX7 RAWs

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Re: Lightroom 5.5 and GX7 RAWs

Chas2 wrote:

Rookie question here, and very open to suggestions on moving to a different forum if this is not right

I shoot RAW + low quality JPEG, the latter so I can quickly display shots on a TV if I need to. I have been using LR, now 5.5, but have never been very efficient with it. Regardless, I seem to be even less efficient with the GX7.

I set the GX7 picture adjustments for contrast, sharpness and noise reduction in the GX7 for -5, because I read somewhere that this gives you the least "cooked" RAW file, and you should handle all that cooking in LR.

It seems almost every JPEG thumbnail that shows up in LR (which I understand is not the Panasonic JPG, but one that LR generates) is underexposed by quite a bit.

Hi Chaz, as you may have worked out by now from reading other replies, you do not use the photo style to adjust the characteristics of the raw file. The raw file looks the same the matter what you do with any camera settings because it is, Raw.

For your JPEG files, all the problems are happening because you had turned down the contrast, sharpness, and noise reduction settings in the camera. Simply return these to the default settings, and use whichever photo style you like the best, e.g. standard, natural, portrait, et cetera

The GX7 jpegs are excellent using the Q Menu photo styles in the camera.

Also see my comment to Brent above, in case you are not seeing the raw and JPEG files separately in LR.

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