As a former pro who shot Nikon for years

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As a former pro who shot Nikon for years


I shot with Nikon gear for many years, but finally left the game in 1982. I currently shoot with a D300, a Fuji X100S, and recently tested a Sigma dp2 Quattro for five days. The Quattro turns out to be a very interesting creative instrument. It offers a level of clarity and resolution I have not seen before in my digital work. You might find it useful to see what I am talking about - show me, don't tell me. To this end I have posted 27 test JPEGs on G+. G+ supports full sized images, in this case around 20 megs, as well as lets you zoom into explore the images in detail. The images were lightly polished in late lamented Aperture.

If you zoom in, you can read the text on the side of the red newspaper box as well as the words on the board hanging below the Peacham Store sign. The RAW files, if anything, preserve even more of the information captured by the Foveon imager.


You can also find the images on Flickr.

I still love my old Nikon D300 and my newer X100S, but I have to be open to new ideas and new tools.

I look forward to your comments.



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