A77II "Lock on AF Expand Flexible Spot"?

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Re: A77II "Lock on AF Expand Flexible Spot"?

MikeNannie wrote:

kdrk888 wrote:

I saw this Gary Fong video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0PC-_FJZvk

I think it can be helpful in composition in sports shooting if one doesn't want the subject to be in the center after the initial "lock-on". For example, I shoot airshows sometimes, I prefer to follow the "rule of thirds" in certain shots.

Has anyone used the A77II's Lock on AF Expand Flexible Spot feature for airshows or other sports? How is it really working out in real world?


Not sure if this is any help, or if you already read my posts previously (link below) on my experience.

My first use of my new a77ii was at an air show 2 weeks ago. My objective for the day was to learn how to use my new camera, and to test out the new focus tracking. I'm a rookie, never shot an air show before, and so I made some errors in technique (shutter speed to slow, etc.), but I did use the lock on flexible spot focus feature for the entire weekend, about 1800 shots.

I thought the focus tracking was amazing. The only issue that I had, aside from my rookie technique, was that sometimes the lock on focus would lock on to the white smoke trailing a plane (against the blue sky), instead of the 'often' white plane. But, with practice, I got better at it.

You can find a couple of Thunderbird images in this thread


In those images, I was locked on the white jet as they two jets flew toward each other. System worked great.

Here are a few others from the day. Nothing spectacular, but not bad. I've since re-adjusted the micro focus adjustment for my Tamron and I think it would do even better now

Sunset lit the sky orange for some cool images. Kyle Franklin - WACO - "Dracula"

Highlight of the show - Thunderbirds.

Just missed this one. Focus tracking on the white jet, then 8 fps as soon as I thought they were close to passing.

Very low to ground flying with this pilot. Same plane as in the first sunset image. Kyle Franklin - WACO - "Dracula"

Ron Holland, amazing acrobatics in the air with this plane - MXS.

I like the colors in this jet (L-39) against the blue sky.

A week later I was at a smaller show and shot some images of a B-25 bomber (not flying). You can see some of those in this thread. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3699251

Mike, thanks for taking your time to help. The last two pictures are exactly what I am looking for: subject outside of the center. I know I can always crop the files to achieve similar result if they are in the center but it will be really great if the camera can effectively track them even if they move out of the original focus.

BTW, why so few used Sony 70-400 G2 for sale? People are hoarding them because they are that good?

Thanks everyone.


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