Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: A solution that isn't discussed.

Mark Ransom wrote:

It's not discussed because everyone knows it's impossible.

Pentax already makes the smallest and cheapest MF. What kind of magic do you think they're hiding that would bring it to FF levels?

Hi Mark,

It's impossible as a DSLR but feasible as a mirror-less.  And the bigger the format the greater the saving by not having a mirror and prism.  It keeps coming up as conjecture over in the Fuji Forum, but hasn't even got as far as a rumor.

I think the source is a secret harking back to the days when Fuji made the world's smallest medium format cameras - their 645 RFs.  The whole genre of lightweight medium format cameras (like the Fuji 645's & 6X9s, the Plaubel Makinas and the Mamyia 6 & 7 etc) have all gone and have never been replaced in the digital world.  They were brilliant for those who needed both light weight and high resolution, but they were a niche in film and would be a niche in digital. I doubt we'll ever see one because the market would be so small.  But never say never - a lot of people said that about FF mirror-less too.......


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