Uppsala Domkyrka, Sweden.

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Erik Ohlson
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Uppsala Domkyrka, Sweden.

So, I've spent a couple of hours looking over some of the earliest photos from my trip, and prepared some for posting.

Here's a vertical panorama. Usually I try to correct the "keystoning" - tilted verticals from looking up - but here one is so close to the towers that they don't "want" to straighten without distortion. The museum building opposite keeps one from a better angle - the sky & top of the towers frame actually had the roof of building behind me showing before cropping, I was basically shooting straight up:

From behind the Museum:

Heres the plaza in front of the church with a lovely sky:

Of course, I had to visit this Cathedral, since it contains the relics of Saint Erik, the patron saint of Sweden, and of course, my name-sake  ;-). This reliquary, containing his relics used to be solid gold but was melted down in 1580 and replaced with this gold-plated one:

There are a number of lovely stained glass windows and gilded chandeliers, here is a window with the chandelier in front of it:

The Rose Window:

An interesting variation. In the Chapel with the Baptismal Fount, the stained glass windows are replaced with moving images of "underwater":

Hope this isn't too many pictuers of the one subject!

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