Nikon D810 initial thoughts

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Re:Lance_B// Nikon D810 initial thoughts

Lance B wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Hi Lance

Hope all is well down under and you're winter's going well

Cheers and Hi to Brett if you're ever in contact


Hi Jack,

I hope you are doing well and nice to talk.

All well here and winter is cold!

I am hoping to see Brett later this year, he had moved to Brisbane about 6-7 years ago so I rarely see him now.


iwannabesedated wrote:

GlenGrambo wrote:

1. incredibly quiet compared to the D800 series and that extra frame a second seems to make a lot of difference!

In the few moments I've owned my D810, this is what has most stood out for me - not only is it quieter, it's also much better damped. I can barely feel the shot being taken.

Same here.

Another thing that somewhat surprised me: I examined the EXIF info for the very first shot I took, and saw that ImageNumber is 1! Didn't many Df folks report that they were seeing ImageNumbers well over 200 for their first shot? Not a big deal, I guess. -iwbs

Mine was image number 1 as well!

Same here.  Not sure now if Nikon didn't check the 810s as they should have or if they were looking for something in particular with the Df.    1 is what I wanted to see though.

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