Recommendations for fast mid zoom.

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Recommendations for fast mid zoom.

Hey folks:

I'm returning to the old pros! I'm just about to complete my retirement, I work just two days per week, both saturday and sunday night[3rd shift] 12 hours each, getting tired, been working for more than 50 years. One thing I want to do in full retirement is photograph motorcycle racing.

When I shot film back in the dark ages, my "kit" was a F3hp with MD motor a 180 2.8 mf and my 35 2.0 and a few rolls of film and I shot Hare scrambles my favorite, and some motocross

Now I'm looking to use either my D2X and or my D700 with grip, these both give 8fps so i should be able to keep up with any action, I like to get close, so I have no need for a 70 200 2.8.

The lenses I have for fast action right now is the Sigma 17 70 2.8 4.0 latest version this for DX, for FX best would be my 20 35 2.8 or Nikon primes, 28 1.8 50 1.4 and the 85 1.8G lenses.

So! asking the folks used to fast action, what do you feel is either okay? or the very best. I'm wondering Tamron 28 75 2.8, just which? and Nikon 35 70 2.8, these are priced just right for a retiree's budget. In the DX arena 17 50 and 17 55 2.8 lenses, the latter the most expensive.

At the top of the "heap" is the 24 70's by Nikon and 3rd parties, I'm not ruling those out! but I prefer lesser priced units, I myself like the 35 70, but thats just me.

This won't be a paying action, but I want to get close and good sharp photos, I'd enjoy what you have to say about these different lens and camera combos, and no I plan no camera upgrades.


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