panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

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Re: The Ghent Image

Jim Mohundro wrote:

Re making images where "no photo" signs are posted, is there a forum here that discusses the ethics of such photography? I disagree with the poster who captured images in Ghent where photography was prohibited as to the ethics of such photography. I suspect that I'm not alone (but I might still be in a small minority) that respects prohibitions involving photography, but I certainly don't want to hijack this very polite (so far--unlike far too many DPR discussions) E-10 v GX7 thread for that purpose.

No doubt there have been plenty of discussions on it in more than one forum, but I've not seen them, and anyway folks will follow their own personal inclinations. Personally, I've never felt deprived by not getting snaps in "photography not allowed" situations. There are plenty of photo opportunities out there for me to make my own art.

Even the postcard reproductions in the gift shop are better, imo -- no backs of tourists' heads seen in those pix.

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