Best product or brand to clean the sensor?

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Re: Best product or brand to clean the sensor?

I got this one:

its a very simple effective sensor tool.

comes with two tools, one for corners which can be hard to get and a larger for main area.

you basically sticky stamp the dirt off sensor like a fly trap than peel that dirt off with a 3rd tool all provided in a small sealed case. very resuable, simply use water to clean it.

there are some good reasons to use a gel tip, you dont need liquids, hence spilling or putting too much on sensor. Using a bright light and proper tip, you'll be able to more accurately pin point the affected area and clean it.

using sensor wipes is the old way. I visited the Sony repair center at photoplus and this is what they used. If its used by the MFG its good enough for me.

I simply use a rolling motion to press down the gel tip from one side to the other, than peel off dirt and repeat, than use tip for corners.

All this for $25, you dont need to buy liquids, you get a lot more use plus its compatible with any sensor. sensor wipes require you buy the exact size for your sensor.

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