What Olympus actually promised:

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TrapperJohn wrote:

Actually, had Oly been able to put a Sony/Exmor sensor in the E5, they might have had something. 4/3 struggled for years because the sensors just weren't all that good - the EM5 proved that with it's Exmor based sensor and dazzling performance. It wasn't that the older 4/3 sensor was smaller, it was that the sensor just wasn't all that good as compared to the competition, and probably wouldn't have done that well in APS or FF form either.

No, the older 4/3 sensor wasn't as good as the competition, AND it was smaller.

But its funny that now (M)4/3 at last has a sensor that's contemporary in performance, all of a sudden people are willing to admit that the old technology was lagging behind the others.

I tried to point this out when I did my comparisons back around 2007 - that on a number of tests, there was MORE than the predicted two stops difference in performance between say an E3 and a D3. People here didn't want to know.

But, that was then, this is now.


And denial isn't a long river in Egypt.

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