Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

Any camera is a compromise of price v performance v weight v system.  For me the 5D3 gives me access to Canon lenses and design philosophy which is important.

Ideally I would like the 5D3 to be the same cost as a 6D.

I do miss the crop factor of my 7D but in most instances I am OK without it.

I like being back with a full frame, having grown up with 35mm film getting my first SLR in 1977.

I would like it to weigh 500gs and still be as solids and tough as it is, an impossible wish.

I would like to be able to use all the functions more fluididly, without the steep learning curve I am having to go through.  Yet as I get more competent and master it I wonder why I found it so difficult.

None of these things I like are big enough disadvantages to stop me loving my 5D3.  For me the advantages totally out weigh the minor complaints above.  I think the sensor size is about right, the Nikon 800 sensor means the pixel density is around crop sensor density, so in my mind negates many of the advantages of going full frame.  Nikon is going after a niche market and wanting to attract gear heads rather than photographers I think.

Each of us needs to make our own choices about whether the compromises of the 5D3 match what we want or not.  When I sold my 7D for the 5D3 I did consider keeping the 7D and getting a 6D but the 6D did not fit my wish list.   I am very happy with my choice.

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