What Olympus actually promised:

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In the world of advertising...

Canon is still trying to convince people that OIS is better than IBIS. Since the advent of the 5 axis IBIS that stabilizes video in the roll axis (OIS can't do this), Canon's position is open to considerable interpretation.

Canon, Nikon, and now Sony are saying that bigger sensors are better. As tech advances, that is also open to some interpretation, though it's not as cut and dried as comparing OIS to Oly's 5 axis IBIS.

Sony is trying to convince us that body specs are all that matter - quality glass isn't important. How accurate is that?

Every company tries to promote its products. Some get more absurd about it than others.

Actually, had Oly been able to put a Sony/Exmor sensor in the E5, they might have had something. 4/3 struggled for years because the sensors just weren't all that good - the EM5 proved that with it's Exmor based sensor and dazzling performance. It wasn't that the older 4/3 sensor was smaller, it was that the sensor just wasn't all that good as compared to the competition, and probably wouldn't have done that well in APS or FF form either.

But, that was then, this is now.

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