panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

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Re: panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

I have had both and kept the EM-10.

Regarding exposure warnings, the GX-7 can have the live histogram displayed simultaneously with the level indicator and other displays during live view. This gets pretty cluttered with everything at once but a simpler display is just a button press away. I don't think you can have live blinkies on the GX-7 - I'm pretty sure you have to go to playback mode to see blinkies.

The EM-10 can show the live blinkies in live view but can't show them, the histogram or level indicators all together. You have to press the INFO button to switch between separate screens. It can however be set to show the horizontal level display at the bottom of the EVF during half-press of the shutter in EVF Modes 1 or 2.

I had the GX-7 since November but could never get comfortable with the EVF. Not because of any rainbows or tearing, it just was not comfortable for my eyesight with glasses. Even though it has more resolution, I could never judge focus with it. I don't know if it is just too small for me or if it was the optics in front of it or what but when I received the EM-10 and looked through the EVF, it was a huge relief for me. I like the central location better too. I did like the tilting feature (needed it because I am a left-eye shooter to avoid hitting the touchscreen with my nose and changing the focus point) and do miss it at times but the tilting LCD is fine.

I also miss the fully electronic shutter for its complete silence. Shutter shock is no longer an issue on the OM-D's because of the new 0 Sec. Anti-Shock which activates a first-curtain electronic shutter. I leave that on all the time and have seen no ill effects from it. The mechanical shutter is not that loud on the EM-10.

As for video, the GX-7 is superior but I do not shoot video that much. When I do, the 24mb/s full HD mode at 30p is just fine for me. For anything more, I'll grab my Panasonic camcorder.

IQ-wise, they are pretty much equivalent to my eye.

I do also like that if you shoot in 3:2 RAW mode on the EM-10, Lightroom still gives you the option to crop out to the full 4:3 image or adjust your 3:2 crop. It did not with the GX-7.

Thank you so much for the info!

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