Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Mirrorless is Future?

Dale108 wrote:

While I have been am SLR/DSLR user for 30 years, it is obvious that mirrorless is the wave of the future. Look at what Olympus, Fuji and Sony are putting out and how AFC is catching up to SLR. While I wouldn't have said this 1 year ago, that appears to be the market direction. I know people will point to sales not supporting that trend anywhere except Asia, but as soon as people accept the smaller size, it will catch on here also.

If Pentax goes FF, a mirrorless may be the best route for market diversification. Make an adapter so the regular lenses will work and I would be interested.


Asia and Japan together account for more than half of all cameras sold, nearly two-thirds in the case of some kinds of camera. What they want over there is quite likely to be what we get over here. Fair enough.

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