Are my images from x100s that much better than Sony nex 6?

Started Jul 18, 2014 | Questions thread
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Are my images from x100s that much better than Sony nex 6?

I can't ask this in the Sony forum as it'll either not get answered or get uh, off track.

As I've posted before I am renting a Fuji x100s.  I also recently upgraded an older Sony nex 3nl to a Nex 6.  I'm in love with the Fuji but maybe guilt or practicality is making me want to appreciate this Sony that I actually own.  I am still well within the 30 day return period so I'm safe.  I don't even really care about interchangeable lenses as I already have a ton of gorgeous Canon L glass and full frame dslr bodies.  This is for everyday "have with me but with amazing IQ for the size" shooting.

I know it's tres uncool to pixel peep but hey, I am paying for those pixels and I'll peep if I want to.  The Sony SHOULD shoot nice and sharp but I'll be damned if many times I enlarge the preview and  Maybe I just don't know how to handle this cam but half the point of getting a walk around is to shoot a great shot now, not sit and fiddle with focusing that I am led to believe should be easier to achieve than this.  It just has to be me.  Someone in the Fuji forum here must have some Sony mirrorless.  What am I missing here?  Plus, it should be a very nice cam for half the price of the Fuji x100s.

So why does almost every shot out of the x100s look fantastic even zoomed in?

Not trying to be too redundant from my last thread on here gushing about Fuji but I just don't get it.  I see many sample pics from the Sony Nex 6 that look great.  I'm certainly not going to go for the A6000 as I really think it might be the sony products themselves that aren't my cup of tea.  I just can't help but think it's something I'm not doing right.

I do have to add that nobody, nobody thinks twice when you are shooting them with this x100s.  Maybe it's the retro look and most don't know what to make of it but you could pretty much stick this in someone's face and they just think it's charming.  Even with the relatively small size of the Sony it still looks like a camera.  I suspected this but really tested it out for myself yesterday on the streets, in a MacDonald's, on the subway.  For street stuff, the x100s is a blast.

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Fujifilm X100S
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