What's wrong with the Quattro

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Re: What's wrong with the Quattro

richard stone wrote:

Once again you are comparing different images, taken many days apart. The corn and red flowers have been growing. The leaves on the hillside trees have been getting darker.

The corn and the red flowers are not the point. Have you not read my post?

First: Failure? That's the wrong word.

Second, as to rendering... The trees are still there, the leaves are there, it's just different. Meanwhile, the contrast is much more realistic in the q. And it's a more pleasant picture.

It isn't. It's actually pretty bad. I had taken a walk in exactly the same location today and paid close attention to te details. I can assure you that the Q picture is wrong in the distance.

Third, the sharpening artifacts in the q are disturbing. The M image does not show that kind of damage. At that point it's even more difficult to properly compare the two images.

I remember, years ago, reading a comment about the Foveon "look," made by a very capable photographer, who liked the technology, and he noted that the Foveon look really worked best with nearby subjects. The Merrill seems to show a hyper-reality in terms of even distant contrast, but it is not sharper than the q. And the color from the M is not better than the q. It's just different.

Maybe you could try try the "haze removal" sharpening technique on the q image? It's really very detailed.

There is no 'haze removal' sharpening technique.

But really, no one is going to force you to buy a q. At least I very much doubt that.

See my reply to jennyrae below for some possible reasons why I might want the Q to be a success.

But really - no one is going to force you to comment on each and every post on this forum ...


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