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D Cox wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

Plus, the format of postings here isn't really suitable for the kinds of things I normally post on Instructables (or Thingiverse for that matter), so it's hard to give enough details for any non-trivial DIY project.

If you have a more detailed post elsewhere, why not just post a photo of the project and a link?

Then at least people here will get to hear of it.

That's what I've been doing for some years now in other DPReview forums.

Actually, articles posted on my research website, Aggregate.Org, get orders of magnitude more readers than stuff I post on Instructables or Thingiverse... so it's not clear how effective any of these venues are, but at least Instructables and Thingiverse both provide authoring tools that make certain types of projects much easier to post. For example, Instructables has a step-by-step presentation structure and Thingiverse has the "Customizer" (OpenSCAD tweaked to allow WWW input of design parameters). My WWW site doen't even have a comment or discussion mechanism linked to the articles posted. The article format DPReview had briefly looked pretty good, but I only got one article done with it before they made that system go away, and again traffic was far, far, less than if I had simply posted the article on my research WWW site.  Still, I think it is good to try to contribute through more than just my own site....

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