What Olympus actually promised:

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Markets and fertilizer

TrapperJohn wrote:

Oly USA shows the E5 in stock.

I cannot buy an E5 in my country. However, were the US actually the world, then you and Olympus would be right.

Well, they did state that they would continue DSLR's 'without change'... and the E5 doesn't appear to have changed... so, technically speaking, they have adhered to that statement. A bit too literally, but they have adhered to it.

Yes. And I noticed that in 2013.


My previous post saying they 'lied' when it was first released only refers to their claim that they would not 'drastically reduce' their DSLR presence. The second paragraph of Olympus's statement is accurate as long as you live in the US. That paragraph is now a lie if you live in most other major markets.

Having owned an E3 and used an E5, and now having an EM1, I think Olympus absolutely did the right thing.

Yes, but they lied about it.

They couldn't compete with C/N in the DSLR arena,

Many didn't agree with those previously pointing this out on this forum. Hindsight?

so they headed off in a new direction and appear to be doing quite well there.

In this I totally agree. In fact, m4/3rds is starting to pull in CaNikon pro drivers.


This is an awesome result even though Olympus is yet to make a profit.

My beef isn't with the current state of affairs, it is how Olympus repeatedly miss-sold their original 4/3rds system. Olympus's bullsh!t statements is one of the reasons some on the forum had to wade through a great pile of stinking fertilizer while attempting to convey reality.

Personally, I think m4/3rds is a fantastic system and I have just added a m4/3rds camera to my stable.

I just wish Olympus (and everyone else) would put the bloody AA filters back on. Grrrrrrrr.

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