Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Dose of reality - sure, how about that?

steephill wrote:

Those film lenses may have been competitive at the time but that was over 20 years ago. Optical design has moved on a great deal since then. Then there is the impact of lead removal legislation which means new designs are needed. Screw drive AF just isn't going to be acceptable for flagship class lenses so a state of the art in-lens motor system will be needed.

Slapping a fresh coating on 20 year old lenses will get Pentax laughed off the pitch. Pentax isn't competing with its own history but with the current market.

Yes, it could be as bad as being told that "our" apertures are too narrow, or that we don't have enough super-tele or tilt-shift options. Now, wait a minute...

So the new lenses need a new motor, huh? What about the old lenses? Or the fact that the Sony A7 series is ACTUALLY SELLING? Some people are buying it just so they can finally use their FA Limiteds properly, and there's no autofocus at all in that pairing. (At least so far, but what are the chances of such an adapter appearing?)

My overall impression is that we like to give ourselves excuses.

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