Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Going full mirroless will be the death of Pentax

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2 years to 5 this system will be as full frame price. I MO.
pentaxian .

Why do you think cost will come down so rapidly?

Larger sensor, requiring larger optics and very small production runs. No manufacturing competition for sensors. There is nothing driving the cost down on that platform.

Let's take lenses - is the price of full-frame lenses coming down? Nope, it's going up. So what makes you think the cost of medium format lenses would come down?

So, Pentax shouldn't be wasting effort trying to catch up to Canon and Nikon full frame DSLRs - they need to catch-up with Sony, Fuji and Oly in mirrorless and start competing with Sony with full-frame mirrorless.

New lens designs will be required for that route, even if the K01 was mirrorless the flange distance was still the same hence the thickness of the K01 as a mirrorless camera (which is still a good camera BTW).

IMHO Pentax should concentrate in updating the lens lineup with that new DC motor and HD coatings.

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There is no such thing a "Pro" level gear, just Pro level work.

I agree I'd like to see the 3 lenses on the roadmap appear first.  Lots of people carry on about the DOF advantage, yet I see a lot of portraits with shallow DOF taken from APS-C cameras.

Yes there are advantages, but are they worth the extra cost and size that a K mount FF would be? if that was the case no one would buy m4/3 cameras that is for sure. I still think the main reason we haven't got a camera is due to the small market and lack of profit Ricoh would make. Especially when you look at cameras that were criticized heavily on here, yet sell like hotcakes in Japan!

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