panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

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Re: I lean towards the EM10

dv312 wrote:

I think they are both great cameras

The form factor may be the biggest differentiator: RF style vs SLT style

the EM10 + grip is a pleasure to hold , especially with large lenses

I own the EM10 and have toyed with the GX7 and I find the build a bit better with the EM10

The EM10 EVF seems brighter, larger, and sharper to my eyes

GX7 EVF is larger .....that it tilts is very nice at least to me.

The EM10 has IBIS + 81 AF point to the 23 AF point and no IBIS on the GX7

EM10 2 dial system is a pleasure to use

The GX7 has better video

Yes to a point.    Video is limited in both though (on the GX7 max ISO 3200 and no mic input).

GX7 does have very nice mp4 compared to most cameras besides AVCHD.

Pana menu system may be easier to the novice than the Olympus

EM10 can shoot 8fps vs 5 for the GX7

That is with continuous AF.   Gx7 can do 10fps at full size and 40fps at reduced size with focus and exposure locked.

Best is to borrow from someone and handle both for everything else should be similar including IQ

You can't go wrong with either

Also think about the whole system for Oly lenses work better on Oly bodies and vice versa

Best wishes,


GX7 flash sync is 1/320 VS 1/200 for the Oly and the GX7 silent shutter has it uses.

If I was buying today, I might still choose the GX7 but there is a lot that could be better in it.

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