panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

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Robert Snow wrote:

Yeyo wrote:

Hey people which one do you recommend between panasonic gx7 and olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

I recently bought a GX7, and it is a great little camera. I do have a couple of gripes, and if I could have played with both cameras before buying, I would probably have gone with the em10.

Why? Number 1: I have lost most of the sight in my right eye, so I have to use a viewfinder using the left eye. With the GX7's left side EVF, my nose touches the LCD and constantly changes the focus point. Why not turn the EVF upward far enough to not do this? I do when I can, but if you mount a flash on the camera, then Number 2: I have not found a flash that can be mounted and still get upward movement of the EVF. DARN!

…for the nose-on-screen problem is at hand.

Just turn that off in the menus.

On the G6 (which I have) it is Menu > Custom > Touch Settings.

It should be similar for the GX7.

You should find the info at an early point in the manual (it is on page 18 in the G6 manual in the "Before Use" section -- "Enabling/Disabling the touch functions").

If you wish to turn it on/off quickly, you can probably assign it to a button or add it to the Quick Menu.

Darned manuals -- the cameras are so good these days -- but so complex -- you practically need to do PhD studies just to operate them (goodness knows what qualifications you need to design them!).

Such a pity that Panasonic did not put the wonderful fully articulated screen on the GX7. I would have bought it in a blink if they had. So useful.

(I just got around to doing some custom buttons and customizing the Quick Menu somewhat on the
G6 after being poked and prodded by some of the friendly people on this forum. I've only been using it for six months!!!

Cheers, geoff

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