Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Is there any disadvantage?

Others have pointed these out numerous times in these forums. Any advantages or disadvantages must be considered in relation to the alternatives. I'd say, overall, that the 5D III is a very capable and versatile camera. That said, relative to the 1DX, the autofocus system and burst rate and slightly higher noise at high ISO are disadvantages of the 5D3 compared to the 1DX. Compared to the Sony A7/A7R, disadvantages of the 5D3 include weight, dynamic range, and resolution. Compared to the A7S, the 5D3 has the disadvantage of much higher noise at high ISOs. Compared to its peer from Nikon, the D800/E, the 5D3 has the disadvantages of lower resolution and less dynamic range. With the release of the D810, some of the 5D3's advantages over the D800/E begin to look less prominent. The D810 now has a higher burst rate (still not 6 in full frame mode, though), a better grip, better live view, better AF, better buffer, and possibly higher resolution thanks to the lack of an OLPF (compared to the D800/E). So now there are very few advantages of the 5D3 over the D810. Perhaps build quality and AF? Only a detailed review will reveal how much the D810 has gained ground as a versatile tool compared to the 5D3. As a landscape camera, there are definitely better options than the 5D3. Compared to the D610, which otherwise has similar specifications, the 5D3 falls behind in resolution, dynamic range, and price.

To me, the chief disadvantage of the 5D3 compared to nearly all of its competitors remains relatively more read noise at low ISOs. This limits the sensor technology's ability to have greater dynamic range and more resolution, since the problem only gets worse with smaller pixels. I sincerely hope this problem is remedied in the 5D Mark IV.

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