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Guy Parsons
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Slow to see this, was sleeping most of the time and now been distracted by the horrible shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine. Truly awful.... The number of USA citizens involved not disclosed so far but 27 Australians were on it.

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Have been working on a book of images, many of them landscapes, taken during our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

Have been disappointed with lack of detail in many of them and am wondering if I had turned off the stabilizer, as you have recommended numerous times, if my images would have been better.

With my E-PL5 I leave off IBIS/OIS most of the time and only turn it one when I see or fear that it is needed, just a habit after seeing how my E-PL1 made all IBIS shots at safe shutter speeds a tiny bit blurry (only a tiny bit, not enough to lose sleep over). I also always now use 1/8 sec anti-shock for possible anti-shock reasons, though I can't really say that I've seen any shutter shock before or after.

Have you made any side by side tests of stabilizer on/off images?

Not lately with the E-PL5, it's on the to-do list as the 12-40mm lens makes things steadier and more stable. Seeing that it is the same 2 axis IBIS as the E-PL1 I would expect much the same result.

As for aperture range, most lenses wide open are at their worst (except the 12-40mm at 12mm or so) and from maybe f/8 and smaller apertures will start to degrade gradually from diffraction, but not alarmingly so unless right at f/22. For everyday tourist type shots I mostly leave the 12-40mm at f/5.6, a happy M4/3 version of the old rule "f/8 and be there".Regards..... Guy

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