Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

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Re: Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

Got one today. Very preliminary (less than 30 shots) but there seems to be some "drag" on the focus ring thing? That is, you have go/turn past the spot you will eventually settle on in terms of focus and then come/turn back to it? Could just be me, but it is definitely a sharp lens like everyone is saying even wide open.

Curious about maybe some architectural work with this lens:

(Not sure but I think this was F8? Either that or F2.8. 1/100th ISO 400)

Out of camera

Corrected. I started with the profile I downloaded to Photoshop/ACR using the Adobe Lens Profile downloader, but it wasn't enough. Definitely needed some additional tweaking to get the moustache bulge out of the center of the image. Also vignetting is pretty heavy, esp @ 2.8 on my 5DII. (This image also needed the perspective corrected but that could have been any lens. And yes, my ceiling is uneven )

How did you remove the distortion? I'm interested in this lens also for architectural work, but have yet to find a usable profile. I tried the D700 profile from the Adobe database but it it's not even close...

If I can find a distortion solution I'll probably buy this lens. Thanks.
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