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Re: Work-Arounds-R-Us?

Gregm61 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

Gregm61 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

I agree about loading DXO from a RAW in LR, but the latest update to v.9 doesn't do that to me now (so it's usable again as an external converter when it's called for from time to time).

I rarely use the Lightroom portion of my Adobe subscription. I'm no fan of the filing system. I just want to load my images where i want them and go, so I'm either processing in ACR with Photoshop CC or times when it's been long enough since I was last frustrated by DXO to open and try it again.

Just the simple act of opening the program and going into a folder with many images and DXO has to re-load the profiles to each and every image file and you sit there and watch it count down from whatever the number of files is until it's finally loaded them all, and if you try and open one in the view panel before they are all loaded it starts twitching and hesitating until all the profiles from that folder are loaded.

Hmmm. Would this suit your workflow?:

Copy the RAW file to a special directory, and only let DXO access that directory. Save the finished TIFF, JPG, etc. to the directory where the original RAW file resides, then periodically delete the contents of the special working directory.

To be honest, DXO is not so good that I feel compelled to create a workaround for their system shortfalls. They just need to get the working speed of their program up to a competitive level. It's to the point I only log in to the program when I'm in a particularly masochistic mood anyway.

It doesn't compel me to do that, though it's been considered more than once.   But I do understand completely (different strokes).

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