Does OCAD (Ontario College of Arts) suck?

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Does OCAD (Ontario College of Arts) suck?

Does OCAD (Ontario College of Arts) suck?

So I have a 3 year Photography student from OCAD (Ontario College of Arts) working for me at my studio. Dude did not know the following:

  • Kelvins
  • RAW vs JPG (when to use either)
  • Bokeh
  • Colour Spaces (RGB, Adobe RGB, CMYK, PMS etc)
  • Neutral grey (to meter light)
  • What was a grey card
  • Adjusting levels on PS
  • How to white balance a camera or image
  • How to use a light meter
  • What are Pantones
  • Virtually no Photoshop skills
  • Brand Guides
  • A practical knowledge in depth of field, diffraction
  • ISO (he called it sensitivity)

I discuss this crap every day. After 3-years of photography school, these terms should be second nature to a student; why does this kid not know these photography essentials? This is like a high school graduating someone who cannot read. He said that OCAD emphasizes concept photography. I say before you can explore concepts in photography, you need to know the fundamentals.

This is not a stupid kid. He is learning what I teach him fast. I am just flabbergasted in his lack of knowledge in the above photography topics.

For the real world, Photographers like the rest of us need to make a living. This kid seemingly knows very little to make use of a camera for common commercial applications. It appears that OCAD may not be adequately preparing their young minds for the real working world.

Finally, many students graduate from OCAD with remarkable talent and skills. Sadly, many lack any business knowledge to make a living. They need to know how to sell their expertise to make money. With incomplete training, they are being set up to fail.

Comments please? What is going on with OCAD?

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