panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

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Re: panasonic gx7 or olympus e-m10 for a 1,000 budget?

Go to a store and play with both bodies. Make sure the camera feels good in your hands, make sure you can access the dials and buttons easily, compared the menus and EVF. After you do all that buy the one that talks to you the loudest. IQ wise for stills they are the same, video the GX7 has the edge, IBIS the E-M10 has the edge, EVF's for me was a toss up.

Cant handle them in store because where i live there arent any store that sells mirrorless the only one (best buy) doesnt have them yet so i have to buy of the internet gonna purchase in bhphotovideo thank you for the reply.

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