Who wants a small-sensor E-mount camera?

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Who wants a small-sensor E-mount camera?

Sony's RX-10 and RX-100 series have great IQ but lack the flexibility of the interchangeable-lens Nikon 1 series.

The so-called 1" sensor in those cameras measures 13.2 x 8.8 mm, compared to 24 x 16 mm for the APS-C sensor, and offer 1.8x magnification for any lens. This is very useful for telephoto. Instead of carrying a heavy 180mm lens, which doesn't balance well on the camera, a 100mm lens (typically much less than half the weight at the same maximum aperture) can be used. The 1" sensor can have image-stabilization.

A dual sensor APS-C  +  1" is another possibility. The sensors could be mounted on a plate that slides sideways by about 20mm to switch between the two. This means the camera could be slightly wider and deeper than the A-6000 to house the larger sensor assembly.

There is no need for a Sony E-mount camera with a 1" sensor. Nikon 1 already offers the option.
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A Sony E-mount camera with a 1" sensor would be a good option. It extends the lens options, especially at the telephoto end.
11.8% 6  votes
A Sony E-mount camera with dual 1" and APS-C sensors would be the best choice.
3.9% 2  votes
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