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Gregm61 wrote:

mrollins wrote:

There are probably other things I should be considering. I am curious as to what other photographers might be doing to preserve their files for future use, perhaps without the use of Adobe products.

$10 a month for access to Photoshop and Lightroom is one hamburger, fries and chocolate shake. The day I cannot afford that, I'm going to have a whole lot of other problems much worse than not having access to Photoshop.

I don't disagree with that. In fact, $50 isn't so much for the all the applications I deal with now. Adobe makes some awesome products, but they can be a pain to deal with sometimes. I expect the price will creep up over time. I'm well past any so-called retirement age, so I know at some point I'm probably going to have to start watching expenses more closely. For now, my consulting business allows me to keep my photography gear and software up to date. I'm just trying to think ahead a bit. I'm mostly concerned about maintaining flexibility so that I have options as I go down the road rather than being locked into any one software vendor.

Did you shoot film for a period of time before moving to the digital side? If so, how well organized are your negatives/slides?

I've been an avid photographer since the mid-60's, so yes, I've shot lots of film. In my early years of photography, there wasn't much extra money for photography, so I used to buy 100 ft rolls of Tri-X and load my own film cartridges. Also developed all my own film. I guess I remember that well enough so I wonder what it would be like again to be on a limited budget. Later years, until digital came along, it was mostly color reversal. Most everything is cataloged and saved in archival storage containers. A lot of it is scanned. I had a Nikon scanner before I finally bought a digital camera.

I have bunches and bunches of prints from my film shooting days, but negatives? Very, very few.

I'm pretty much just the opposite. Lots of negatives and chromes, but few prints left from those early years. I enthusiastically jumped into printing when I went digital because I never had the opportunity to do my own color prints. My darkroom was just B&W. My printing has since slowed down a bit, but I do enjoy crafting a good looking print.

I have multiple external hard drives. I'm about to fill up a 1TB drive that contains images back to 2009 and have three others stored in a file cabinet with older files. How many times have I reconnected those to my computer to get at a raw or even jpeg file I wanted to redo years later? Zero.

I'm backing up to multiple hard drives, but I don't have anything off site, and that bothers me. I'm going to need to remedy that. I tried some offsite storage (before "cloud" storage was around), but it was way too slow for the volume of files that I had.

I keep my Smugmug account paid every year and upload the jpeg of any image I want to never lose and trust the Smugmug is going to be around, which seems sensible enough at this point. I should print more than I do, but I don't and some day I might regret it, but one could have a second hobby just archiving digital images and developing redundant backup processes.

I guess I'm not as comfortable that Smugmug, Flickr,  or whatever is a good long term answer, although they are fine for file sharing. I've branched into video recently, which is a whole new storage issue.


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