What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: Reality check

Lab D wrote:

So your 2 top priorities in a camera are AF speed and battery life, not IQ, not performance, not focus accuracy, or other feature

no, I want a camera that significantly improves on my E-5s ability to AF my existing lenses.

I want a camera that can AF track BIF with my existing 4/3 lenses

I want a camera that's easy to handle with my 3.2Kg lens on the front of it when I'm wearing gloves, have wet hands, in the bush

I want a camera that gets more than couple dozen shots out of the batteries when it freezing too cold to want to take off the gloves to change batteries.

And I don't want to have to buy a new set of lenses.

The E-M1 focuses faster than any Olympus DSLR with new lenses and just as fast as many older Olympus DSLRs with 4/3 lenses, so that should not be a deal breaker. All you are left with is battery life, but you can get a grip with 2 batteries so that should not be a deal breaker either.

I would say a deal breaker is the combination of lower IQ, lesser focus accuracy, slower performance, worse IBIS, slow FPS, lower resolution, tiny lens selection (the E-M1 can be used with virtually any lens on the planet).

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