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Started Jul 17, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Isabel Cutler wrote:

My tests have been limited, but I really don't see a difference.

Also interested in knowing what is the minimum aperture with the e-pl5 that one can use before getting degradation of the image.

I'm having to edit the heck out of my landscapes with this camera. (Used mainly the 12-40)


Isabel, when I had the EPM2, the first day I took it out I was getting less sharp images than I expected (with the kit 14-42mm).  I remembered about the IBIS and the 1/8 sec delay, and turned the IBIS off and the 1/8 sec delay on, and had no problems at all after that.

So, I never had the IBIS on in the EPM2 after that except if I was in a very slow shutter speed situation where it would definitely have a positive effect.  Others may have different experiences, but that was mine.

The EM1 was a different story.  I only rarely turned it off in that camera, since it really worked well and without obvious artifacts, but the EPM2 was fussy.


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