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Gregm61 wrote:

Just the simple act of opening the program and going into a folder with many images and DXO has to re-load the profiles to each and every image file and you sit there and watch it count down from whatever the number of files is until it's finally loaded them all, and if you try and open one in the view panel before they are all loaded it starts twitching and hesitating until all the profiles from that folder are loaded.

That is a valid criticism. I'm testing DxO out now on trial and working on a folder with 600 RAW files. 600 is not a huge number, but you do have to wait until the all the thumbnails are built. It's not hugely frustrating with 600 images, but if it were a few thousand, yep, I could see it as a real pain. The other frustrating part is if I close the program and then go back to it later, it doesn't start where I left off; it takes me back to pic1. So I've got to wait for it to load all the pics, then hopefully remember the one I was last working on, and then go find it. Maybe that import into LR isn't such a bad thing after all

Yep, if you load those same 600 images into Lightroom or Photoshop, it also has to go through the process of applying the defaults, which does not take all that long, and once it's done, it's done, never having to be re-done again. If you leave the program and go back later, you do not have to wait yet again for the program to re-do what it did the first time like DXO does, over and over again. Kind-of like the movie "Ground Hog Day", except it never gets easier/faster like it did for Bill Murray.

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