Had to borrow a pet to comply with the forum traditions...

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Jeanadriane Senior Member • Posts: 1,654
Had to borrow a pet to comply with the forum traditions...

I know, I know. It should be cat pics to show off my new toy. But alas, I'm hyper allergic to the darling creatures. So I went and borrowed my sister's dog for you...

A little bit of motion blur here, due to either of us moving, I guess...

A little sharper now...

To be honest, I had to babysit the dog this weekend and on my way from Haarlem to Bilthoven I passed through Amsterdam to pick up my long awaited 15mm PanaLeica at Foto Booms. I was expecting to like it, since I love my 20mm's and my 14mm's. But I also was prepared to find it not really much of an improvement over my two excellent copies of the 14mm and had had hot debates with myself about the purchase. But well, after selling the GX7, the 12-35mm and the 17mm/1.8, with all those banknotes in the drawer...

To my surprise I love this l lens! It renders wonderfully in each and every way, sharpness, color (nice to mention with my usual B&W, haha), and particularly contrast. There's a kind of warmth and richness to the images that gives me a magnificent starting point for my PP. Like reported everywhere, the bokeh is amazing. Never knew I as a bokeh fan, not even with my Zeiss lenses, but hey, seems the DOF-missionairies on this forum have done a fruitful job.

The aperture ring really transforms my GX1, eliminating my main user error of changing aperture when I wanted to change EC and vice versa. I intend to have the 15mm as my every day lens, and after 5 years of nearly solely using the 20mm it takes some effort to adapt myself to the wider view, but about a decade ago I've already used this FL as my daily lens for a full year (with the Nikon 20mm/2.8 on the D70), so it won't take long to get accustomed again...

The above pics are to show a pretty dog and a pretty lens, but of course these are the pics I like better:

Focus is sooo overrated...

Casper the Clown

BTW, I guess it's my type of rather rigorous PP (LR+SEP), but I find that the bokeh sometimes results in a kind of watercolor effect that I'd rather do without. Does anyone else have this experience?

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