What Olympus actually promised:

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Not true...

Oly USA shows the E5 in stock.

Well, they did state that they would continue DSLR's 'without change'... and the E5 doesn't appear to have changed... so, technically speaking, they have adhered to that statement. A bit too literally, but they have adhered to it.

Having owned an E3 and used an E5, and now having an EM1, I think Olympus absolutely did the right thing. They couldn't compete with C/N in the DSLR arena, so they headed off in a new direction and appear to be doing quite well there.

  • All of my ZD's work quite nicely on the EM1.
  • I get IBIS that works a lot better, and the VF is stabilized.
  • A lot of very useful preview and review modes. Chimping through the VF may look weird, but you can definitely see a lot more than on the rear screen.
  • The EM1 got 'camera of the year' awards, as did the EM5 the year before, against some pretty stiff competition. Who would have imagined that possible, six or seven years ago.
  • You can really pound on the RAWs in PP, without fear of banding.
  • The sharp, fast primes we always wanted? The OMD line has them.
  • Within a year of the EM5 coming out, Fuji and Sony come out with small, retro/SLR styled bodies. Imitation is the sincerest form...
  • Best of all: the OMD line appears to be economically viable, with an expanding customer base. It will be around for quite some time.

You want to give that up for a mirror and a prism? Not me. I like the direction they have gone in. It's not perfect, but the future looks a lot brighter than it did three years ago.

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