Marrutt refillable cartridges

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Re: Marrutt refillable cartridges

JOHN wrote:

Ink and printer are going back to Marrutt's first thing Monday morning and I'm demanding they put my printer right and I get a full refund for the inks .

If they want to mess about I will put a small claims in the county courts and then tell every body about my bad experience.

Thanks again Jonathan.

If you tried to load unprimed carts ( due to the fact that they DID NOT tell you about priming ), the AIR that you would have to have manually drawn out of the carts when priming them, was then FORCED into the ink lines which basically sort of just sits there regardless of how many times you run a normal or even power clean. They will have to reinitiate the printer with the Adjustment Program for it which will force about 20-30 ml per color through the system as in when brand new. This will then fill up the maintenance cart which will have to be replaced as well.


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