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Re: I just checked Oly's website

Messier Object wrote:

... Either way = no m.4/3 glass. I'd rather spend $ on my Canon system...

Your choice is your choice of course, but I believe you are locking yourself out of some quite interesting combinations which would certainly not integrate with your current gear, but are on their own a steal which could integrate into your "gearflow" could/should any m43 brand some day release an m43 body matching your AF needs:

- There are two absolutely amazing m43 lenses which on their own justify looking towards m43: the Zuiko 45mm 1.8, which can be found used at $250 (and $299 refurb) on a quite regular basis, and the much less known Sigma Art 60mm 2.8, which can be had for $160 used and $245 new.

Combined with an E-PM2 body (soon to be discontinued, last time it was on sale it went for $199 body only at newegg), any of those is more than worth the less than $500 it would cost.

Those two lenses simply make it worth buying an m43 combo on the side. Of course, the E-PM2 won't be the best choice for your 300mm, but then again it doesn't have to be used with it.

My $0.02 of course.

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