Low light lens options

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Low light lens options

Looking for a new low light/indoor/evening lens. I own a 35mm f1.8 for my Nikon d7100. Works well but I am often looking for a bit wider angle. I work for a student travel company and take many group shots inside restaurants, museums etc, and often don't have the space to back up enough to get a group of 15 people in one shot the way I would like. I am not a professional photographer, but these shots do become displayed for people to see. I would like them to look good.

I posed this question a few weeks ago, and was still vacillating on whether to go with sigma or tamron 17-50, sigma 17-70 c or sigma 18-35. But there has been a potential game changer since then.  At a thrift store for $5 I found an old Nikon 50mm f1.8 in great working condition. This could be used in various different ways however.

How my mind is working now...

1) Could go with either of the 17-50's and probably be perfectly happy and save some money, especially if I went with the Tamron. IS on both of these might be helpful.

2) Could go with the Sigma 17-70 c and carry either the 35 or 50 prime in case I really need the f1.8.. Still saving some significant money here. IS here as well is nice.

3) Go with the Sigma 18-35 and use the 50mm for extra length. Most expensive option (but not unbearable) and no IS.

I am fairly new to photography and thinking the the IS would help. However, I would like to have what I buy for a long time and not re-sell and buy all the time. That's why part of me leans towards the 18-35 because it seems as if it is by far the highest quality lens.

Or maybe all options are fine and I should stop thinking so much!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Nikon D7100
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