Sensor cleaning on my wife's 'new' 40D

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Sensor cleaning on my wife's 'new' 40D

Over on the for sale forums on FM there was a 40D with less than 300 actuation's on the shutter for $239. My wife has been going out birding with me using my old Canon XTi. I figured the 40D would be a nice upgrade with its deeper buffer, higher frame rate, better AF, and bigger brighter viewfinder.

The story behind the low shutter count on the camera is that it seems to have spent most of it's life in a box. The seller purchased this as part of a package from a service-member who put it in a box when he deployed and rediscovered it as he was preparing for a recent move.

When I got the camera I ran it through some checks. It had some dust spots on the sensor. I didn't see anything on the sensor. I tried using a Rocket Blower as well as a camel hair brush. They didn't move.

I contacted the seller and explained the situation. I was concerned that with all the time in storage that condensation may have gotten between the layers of the sensor. We agreed that I would attempt to clean the sensor. If I was unable to remove the spots and didn't further damage the sensor he agreed to take the camera back.

I have never actually had to use more than a blower or camel hair brush to clean a sensor so this was new to me. Using this as a guide, DSLR Sensor Cleaning (The Method), I purchased the following items.

I got them yesterday, so this morning it was time to see if we were the new owners of a camera or not.

First the Carson SensorMag Cleaning Loupe is excellent. It comes in its own case and with it I could see that the dust spots were on the surface.

I again tried the Rocket Blower, and using the loupe tried to brush away the dust. They didn't budge.

Then I used the Dust-Aid per their video. That removed about half of the dust spots.

Next again using the loupe, I used the Sensorklear. This cleaned off the rest of the dust particles, but, as you saw in the LensRentals video can leave some extremely fine carbon particles.

So I gave the sensor another pass with the Dust-Aid, to clean up any of those.

The sensor was now clean, shots of the sky at f/29 are perfectly clear.

I PMed the seller and let him know that everything went well and my wife was keeping the camera.

I didn't end up using the Sensor Swabs and Eclipse fluid. I've decided to keep them in case I ever need to do a wet cleaning. Besides it came in a nice case and all my sensor cleaning gear is now safely stored inside cases.

I was apprehensive about messing with the sensor, but, with the right gear it was pretty easy and went smoothly.

If you've got stubborn spots on your sensor you've been living with it might be time to consider taking care of them.

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