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Re: Olympus - stabilizer on or off - Guy

Not sure whether you used a tripod or not, but I would definitely recommend turning IBIS off when using a tripod.  Having said that, I have frequently forgotten to turn it off and rarely noticed an issue anyway.  But it is still important to use good tripod technique (antishock, etc.) and I don't think the longer lenses without tripod collars (e.g. 75-300) work very well on tripods if there is any wind.

Perhaps you have issues with the dreaded shutter shock?  I have had very few myself, but believe it varies from camera to camera, lens to lens, and technique to technique.

As for handheld, I've done lots of testing and concluded every time that having IBIS on either helps or is neutral;  the only time I've ever had IBIS degrade an image was with the EPM2 and E30 when panning.  I realized that I often 'panned' accidentally by starting focus before I was ready to take an image and I had to learn to stop doing that.

With the EM5, I've tested panning with all three IS modes on and found there was little difference between them in practice.  It was actually very difficult for me to induce IBIS degradation even while actively panning with the wrong mode turned on.  I've been very impressed with the EM5 IBIS.

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