Olympus - stabilizer on or off - Guy

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Re: Olympus - stabilizer on or off - Guy

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Have been working on a book of images, many of them landscapes, taken during our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

Have been disappointed with lack of detail in many of them and am wondering if I had turned off the stabilizer, as you have recommended numerous times, if my images would have been better.

Have you made any side by side tests of stabilizer on/off images?


Isabel I leave it on since I don't notice any image degradation. at what shutter speeds did this problem occur and what lens at what f/stop were you using. If you check your photos something common to all the disappointing ones will come up. Perhaps it's a certain lens at a certain f/stop causing the problem. As far as leaving IBIS on it's easy to test for yourself by taking a series of pictures.

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