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markymark101 wrote:

I probably would have never tried DxO if it had not been for Adobe's new pricing strategy. My attitude has become screw-em there are other options out there. It's nice to have options isn't it! A little competition keeps everyone on their toes.

As a related question, I wonder how many people are rethinking their workflow strategy due to Adobe's new pricing strategy. I am a long time user of Photoshop and Lightroom. I really like these tools, but Adobe has gotten so big, they are difficult to deal with. My consulting business requires a subscription to the Adobe CC to gain access to many of it's publishing and illustration tools. Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and other tools come as a side benefit, but I can envision a time when I probably won't need a full CC subscription at $50+/month. Will I then want or be able to afford to pay Adobe's rental fees, even if it's just for Photoshop and Lightroom?

I currently keep a backup copy of all my RAW files, but use DNG format for the files in the Lightroom database. Even with it's new Lightroom plug-in, DxO does not read DNG files. Of course it wants the original RAW file so it understands what settings to apply. This makes me think I might have better long term flexibility if I used my RAW files for the Lightroom database as well. I just recently picked up a copy of DxO to try it out and start reconsidering my longer term options. I do like what I see so far with DxO. Its tools are pretty intuitive; and if you are familiar with similar tools in Lightroom or Photoshop, they are not much trouble to use.

I'm also starting to consider how I should keep the files that I have altered for printing or Web use. In the past, I didn't give it much consideration, and generally just kept files worked on in Photoshop, particularly layered files, in PDS format. Now I'm thinking that perhaps I should be saving these files as layered TIFFs.

There are probably other things I should be considering. I am curious as to what other photographers might be doing to preserve their files for future use, perhaps without the use of Adobe products.

DNG: I had gone all DNG at one point in time, but due to some apps like DXO not liking them, I stopped that practice several years ago. No regrets at all.

Adobe: I dropped PS also several years ago for Aperture or LR and a few plugins, mainly due to hardware limitations (but also interested in seeing if there's photographic satisfaction possible w/o PS).  I've since overcome those limitations, I've also found I didn't require PS except for in a few instances. Yet, with the latest offer from Adobe I bought into the LR/PS CC subscription, and I'm enjoying it. I figure this will be the way of things to come in general, and Adobe is just leading the fray. I can opt out if necessary, and the cost not unreasonable compared with the licensing scheme.

Keeping files worked up in PS, there's a size/convenience factor to consider. Something I've worked in PS that's elaborate I might want to save in full, especially if using Smart Objects. Perfection sometimes is only had after working an image, studying it a bit, and going back to refine it further (for me, anyway).  But those are HUGE files, and I'll weigh that consideration and might opt to flatten to single layer TIFF. Why TIFF? Not sure. In the past it seems it was the thing to do for compatibility, but I can't think of a reason why I wouldn't opt it as a flattened PSD at this point in time either (just said in case someone can clear this up for us).

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