Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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zakaria wrote:

2 years to 5 this system will be as full frame price. I MO.
pentaxian .

Why do you think cost will come down so rapidly?

Larger sensor, requiring larger optics and very small production runs.  No manufacturing competition for sensors.  There is nothing driving the cost down on that platform.

Let's take lenses - is the price of full-frame lenses coming down?  Nope, it's going up.  So what makes you think the cost of medium format lenses would come down?

Medium format is medium format.  It's not the "Pentax full frame" because the costs are higher and there is nothing going on in the industry that will bring costs down that significantly.

MF is a niche that some people need.  Remember, one major difference when you suggest "full frame is a niche too..." is that full frame was standard for decades.  And, even for the 8 years that APS-C dominated, Canon and Nikon and even Sigma and Tamron continued to manufacture lenses to a full-frame baseline.

I really don't know if Pentax will offer a full frame.  I still think it's much less important for future success than strong mirrorless performance.  I DO tend to think though that the future of photography will still have full frame sensors at the top end of ILC cameras, with smaller sensor sizes dominating.  But, what I think will be going away is the mirror for many of them.  If Pentax really wants to compete, that's where they need to focus on.  Today's offerings from Fuji, Oly and Sony really do show that mirrorless will be good enough in a much smaller / lighter package for most people.  And all of them are coming out with more and more lenses.

Full frame DSLR market though - I think that's an exercise in failure by Pentax.  As mentioned by others, there are far too many obstacles to Pentax grabbing any real market share of Professionals using the D4/1Dx (note - not talking about amateurs that own those cameras - but the people earning their living wage from photography who use them).

So, Pentax shouldn't be wasting effort trying to catch up to Canon and Nikon full frame DSLRs - they need to catch-up with Sony, Fuji and Oly in mirrorless and start competing with Sony with full-frame mirrorless.

If you go back to the time of 645 d release. .it was 9999$.now look at 645Z price. I think the next generation of pentax 645 will be 6000$.this price is near to d4s. Regarding the lenses. .most of nikon and canon pro lenses are expensive. Time will narrow down the difference. Pentax is famous for its budget cameras..and Sony is building a promising sensors. Pentax and Sony will make it easy.
pentaxian .

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