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Re: DXO Optics Pro and E-M1

As good as the auto features and camera/lens modules work, DXO is closer to an improved version of Olympus Viewer than anything as good as Adobe's raw converter in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I've owned DXO over the last two versions and really want to like it. The default colors are great and the auto distortion correction is fantastic, but it lags the Adobe product big-time in overall features and ability to maximize file potential. There are no ways to manipulate areas within the image like the targeted adjustment tool or adjustment brush, no option for applying a gradient filter, no limiting the application of sharpening to only certain areas of the scene, and highlight recovery is limited at best. I recall a comparison of 3-4 raw converters on this site some time ago and DXO was the least effective in terms of highlight recovery.

I think there must be way too many users of Lightroom who have not used, or do not know or understand all the options in the raw processor window and DXO is a good fallback for automatic, no frills processing to get very good results, IF the files are well exposed and not in need of extra work. As I said, just like Olympus Viewer.

Operationally, when I open DXO and go to a folder with lots of images, even if it's one where I have used DXO before, it seems to take FOREVER, because it has to reload all the profiles to the previews each and every time you go back to that folder again, and again, and again, and again. It's maddening how long the program takes from the time you open it until you are allowed to do anything if the active folder has more than just a few image files, and it's not like I'm using a Windows XP machine with 1GB of RAM. I have a fairly well updated computer running Windows 7 with an i7 processor and 12 GB of RAM. DXO is just slow any way you look at it.

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