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Isabel Cutler wrote:

Have been working on a book of images, many of them landscapes, taken during our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales.

Have been disappointed with lack of detail in many of them and am wondering if I had turned off the stabilizer, as you have recommended numerous times, if my images would have been better.

Have you made any side by side tests of stabilizer on/off images?


Hi Isabel,

First of all we have to know what apperture /f number/ you have used to take these landskapes, lens and the shutter speed.

Probably you know that open wide the apperture gives a softer image and you have to close it for example form 3.5 to 7.1-8 /usually I take landskape shots in that range/.

The shutter speed is important too especially when you have no tripod and take pictures handheld. The rule is simle for oly 2 x lens mm = a appropriate shutter speed. With stabilisation you can go 2-3 stops down but in most of the cases the rule works well. For example if you shoot at 30 mm you have to keep 1/60 shutter speed to avoid hand shakes. In these cases keep the IS on.

But if you use a tripod turn the stabilisation off because the IS engine thinks that the moving objects in the frame are actually a camera shake and is trying to remove them so you will have a blurred image.

And finally see the sutter shock menu in your camera. On OLY models there is a problem with it so I keep the Shutter shok with 1/8 setting on. That means when you push the shutter button on the camera it actually takes the picture 1/8 of the second later to avoid the shutter shok wich produse "camera" shake and blurry image.

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