DXO Optics Pro and E-M1

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Re: DXO Optics Pro and E-M1

I don't own tthe em-1 but as I said in a thread a week ago, I find DxO produces better results by default.  The images are cleaner and sharper, more pop.   I can get there with LR, but it takes more manipulation.  As someone else  said, LR seems to give me a grain or noise, that DxO does not - even with images shot in good light.

However, as Bob noted, I think LR is better at manual highlight recovery.  If I don't like what the "Smart Lighting" is doing in DxO, and I turn it off and go into full bore manual mode, it doesn't seem to recover the highlights as well - but more often then not, I'm pleased with what Smart Lighting is doing.

Overall, though, I find I'm liking the images I'm producing through DxO better than what I'm getting through LR.

I probably would have never tried DxO if it had not been for Adobe's new pricing strategy.   My attitude has become screw-em there are other options out there.   It's nice to have options isn't it!  A little competition keeps everyone on their toes.

For the person who said the Prime noise reduction is slow, we'll yes, they even tell you that.   That's why you only use if for images that really need it.   I've only used it a couple of times.

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