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Re: Olympus - stabilizer on or off - Guy

Coming from the Nikon world, D300, I learned to turn it off when it was not needed, tripod, shutter speeds above 500 of a sec. But not every one does this.

Here's a Thom Hogan article which pertains to the Niokn's VR but it's worth reading.

I have a GX7 and occasionaly but on the rare side when i leave the IBIS on at reallty high shutter speeds I will sometime get some weird results. I have taken over 500 images with my GX7 and have 5 images like the one in my thread below. See my thread below.

Here's another link with an interesting take.
I'm still leaving the IBIS on for now but I'm testing it using the method in the link above to let the IBIS settle for a second or two before I press the shutter. But I agree with Thom, the IBIS or VR is to help with movement at slowe shutter speeds. At high shutter speeds it's not needed. So why try to fix an issue, camera movement, under situations that doe not need fixing.

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